and the concert season begins..

Here we are, September 1st, and already many plans have to be made for rehearsals and travel plans finalized for gigs, etc. Luckily, the first real concert event at UMaine that I’m involved in this fall is really someone else’s show – my former student Juraj Kojs, will be lecturing and performing a concert that he curated in honor of the Cage Centennial. Here’s some basic info on his UMaine events:

The last time I really saw Juraj, he was a fellowship composer at the Wellesley Composers Conference, and he came to a picnic at our house during the festival. At said picnic, he took part in an eating contest  with other composition students Hillary Zipper and Seung-Ah.
And Juraj won. I don’t think we had any food left in the house afterwards.