“The Lake Guide” premiered at Sebago Long Lake Music Festival and Electric Earth Concerts, July 12-13

A new septet commissioned for the 50th anniversary of the Sebago Long Lake Music Festival in the “lakes region” of western Maine. Great players:

Laura Gilbert, flute
Benjamin Fingland, clarinet
William Purvis, horn
Min-Young Kim, violin
Matthew Sinno, viola
Mihai Marica, cello 
Mihae Lee, piano

Each movement has some element depicting activity on or in the water. The first movement features the piano part continuously “rowing” underneath the rest of the ensemble. The second movement floats on the surface, constantly moving, but slowly. The last movement has the piano part “diving in,” but its energy contrasts with the soft, murky sounds from below the surface. Excerpts from each movement can be heard on Soundcloud – here’s the opening of the final movement:

Deertrees Theatre – main venue of the Sebago Long Lake Music Festival