The Film! The CD!

It’s that time – Guerilla Opera’s work on my piece I Give You My Home is being released this month as both a movie and a CD/audio playlist. The first “single” just dropped, and on March 10th the whole CD will be released. The movie has several screenings scheduled for the live experience coming up – Watertown, MA – Keene, NH – Portland, ME included. There will be online experiences as well, and you can get all of the details in the links below.

We’ve been working on this piece for a while now, with public performances last spring and summer. Now it will be possible for many more people to see the Guerilla musicians perform, both in the Nichols House Museum that inspired the piece, and on location in and around the places that inspired Rose Nichols herself.

General info:

Guerilla Opera presents I Give You My Home, a world premiere operatic film inspired by the Nichols House Museum and the life of Rose Standish Nichols, a true-life women’s peace party and suffrage activist and professional landscape architect, and brings to light this singular Bostonian woman’s efforts to affect change. I Give You My Home features music and original libretto by Beth Wiemann and brought to life by the acclaimed filmmaker Cara Consilvio.

Learn more about the project at and view a full schedule of events at    

Author: beth wiemann

Beth teaches composition and clarinet at the University of Maine in Orono, ME. She also spends time in Massachusetts with her husband, David Rakowski, and in her Subaru going back and forth on Routes 95 and 93.

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