Images from the summer so far..

Back to back events in June – the workshop of scenes from the Moxley/Wiemann opera UNTIL THE WAR IS OVER, and traveling to teach at the Cortona Sessions for New Music in Cortona, Italy. More of both of those later, but for now, some pictures (thanks to Tom Mikotowicz for the workshop photography):

Preparing for the IronComposer Competition in Cortona
Our office for composition lessons in Cortona
Jennifer Moxley introduces the workshop performance, June 23rd
Lindsay Conrad and Stefan Barner in Scene 1, as Hilda Doolittle and D.H. Lawrence
After the Air Raid in Scene 1
Hilda’s nostalgic aria from Scene 3
The last image in the workshop, Hilda and Lawrence

Author: beth wiemann

Beth teaches composition and clarinet at the University of Maine in Orono, ME. She also spends time in Massachusetts with her husband, David Rakowski, and in her Subaru going back and forth on Routes 95 and 93.

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